Amino Acids


Amino acids are essential for many body functions. Amino acids regulate almost all metabolic processes in the human body and are responsible for the removal of waste deposits produced during metabolic activity—such as the byproducts of breaking down alcohol toxins. Amino acids are also responsible for transporting and storing nutrients and giving cells their structure. Proper amino acid levels are essential for a healthy body.

Unlike fat and starch, the human body is not capable of storing excess amino acids for later use. The healthy drinker knows that it is imperative to fortify their body with the amino acids it needs before their first drink.


Vitamin C
sodium ascorbate
calcium ascorbate
potassium ascorbate
Zinc ascorbate
Manganese bisglycinate
Vitamin E
d-alpha tocopheryl succinate

Alcohol not only causes free radicals when broken down, but is also hampers the body’s ability to create antioxidants to counter these free radicals.

Reactive oxygen species (ROS)—sometimes referred to as free radicals—are chemically reactive chemical species containing oxygen and are naturally generated in small amounts during our body’s metabolic processes. The breakdown of alcohol molecules—particularly in the liver—generates elevated levels of ROS in the body. ROS contain oxidized molecular components which react to and damage complex cellular molecules such as fats, proteins, or DNA. ROS also play a heavy role in the development of alcoholic liver disease.

Our bodies produce 10 of the 22 antioxidants needed to combat ROS, the remaining 12 antioxidants are harvested from the foods we eat. An antioxidant contains a molecular structure that is reactive to oxygen and bind with the oxidant component of free radicals to neutralize their harmful capabilities.

However, alcohol dampens the body’s ability to product antioxidants which hampers its ability to counter free radicals.

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