There have been so many studies about alcohol that it can be difficult to discern the truth from the myths. One thing that we have known for a long time is that regular alcohol consumption can be bad for your skin. New studies, however, have actually been able to identify which specific alcoholic drinks are the worst for your complexion.

Dr. Isabel Sharkar spoke with PopSugar about the effect alcohol can have on your skin. According to Dr. Sharkar, red wine is by far the worst culprit behind bad skin, with sugary cocktails coming in a close second. The sugar in cocktails, or certain ciders, is horrible for your skin as sugar in any form can increase cell damage and is directly tied to acne.

The best drinks for your skin are clear distilled spirits, like vodka and gin, because they have the least amount of additives in them, which allows your body to process them more quickly.

Alcohol is a vasodilator, which means no matter how you consume it, it is going to open up your blood vessels, which leads to a flushed face and puffy skin.

The best way to not allow alcohol affect your complexion is not to drink alcohol. Of course, that’s not a very realistic solution for many people. The next best way to mitigate the damage alcohol inflicts on your complexion is to drink plenty of water whenever you are consuming alcohol. A major part of the damage caused from alcohol consumption is tied to dehydration. It’s also worth taking the time to moisturize your skin the morning after a long night of drinking. Keeping your skin hydrated is crucial to keeping it healthy.

Of course, we all know that hangovers have more symptoms than just bad skin. That’s why we suggest reclaiming your mornings by keeping a packet or two of Intelligent Drinking’s Primer on your bedside table. Visit to learn more.




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