It can be difficult to balance going out and a healthy lifestyle, especially if you enjoy drinking. However, the biggest culprit behind alcohol and healthy is often what you do when inebriated. Actually, more specifically, it’s about what you eat after you’ve been drinking. With all that in mind, we’ve decided to put together a quick guide to healthy snacking while drinking.

Plan Ahead

Going to drink at a bar does not mean that you also have to eat greasy bar food. Make a plan with your friends to grab food at a healthy restaurant before you hit the dive bars. It’s always smart to drink after a meal anyway, why not make it a healthy one?

If you are low on cash, having your friends over to cook dinner and indulge in some cheap pregaming is always a good idea too. Bottom line–start your night out with a healthy meal to avoid the greasy bar food.

Bring Snacks

We get it, you were full after dinner but after a few drinks all you want is a plate of fries…resist the urge! The best way to fight the drunk munchies is to take some healthy munchies with you one you go out. That’s right, bringing snacks with you isn’t something reserved for parents–though taking care of your drunk friends can feel like babysitting toddlers sometimes.

Trust us, you’ll feel better if you take some healthier snacks with you the next day. Our favorite go to drunk-munchies-on-the-go include: trail mix, protein bars and goldfish!

Keep The Fridge Stocked

Oftentimes the drunk hunger resurfaces once you’ve made it back to the house. That can actually be ideal if you have your fridge stocked with healthy options! We all know that most people go for the easiest food option when they’re drunk, so make quick and healthy options available. You’re drunk self will thank sober you for planning ahead.

Know What To Eat

We understand that for people who don’t cook regularly, standing in front of a fridge of ingredients can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we put together this list of easy, healthy food that anyone can easily make.

  • Wheat toast with toppings. We like avocado and radishes!
  • No butter microwave popcorn. It really doesn’t get any easier than this.
  • Brown rice with roasted veggies.
  • Pancakes or waffles are easy and filling.

Finding your own balance between drinking and a healthy lifestyle can be difficult, but curbing the junk food when you’re drunk is a great place to start! Not only will it keep you healthy, but it can also help with a hangover. For the days where you need extra help, take Intelligent Drinking’s LAUNCH. Visit to learn more.

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