In the wake of another St. Patrick’s Day you, like many Americans, are likely nursing a pretty horrific hangover. If it’s any consolation, you are not alone. A new study from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) found that binge drinkers are more common in the United States than many expected. According to this new study, over 17 billion (yes with a “b”) drinks are consumed in the United States every year, during binges. That’s right, that number does not even include all the regular drinking that people do. For context, a binge drinking session is defined as four or more drinks by one person in a single event.

The study looked at the habits of over 400,000 individuals who voluntarily participated in interviews that included numerous questions about their drinking habits. The team extrapolated that data out and concluded that 37 million Americans binge drink at some point. That means that one in six people in the United States are binge drinking at least once during the year.

Interestingly enough, the study was actually help to identify which states are home to the most binge drinkers. Apparently Arkansas, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Hawaii are home to the most binge drinkers. While Washington, DC; New Jersey, New York, and Washington State have the least amount of binge drinkers. On average, those who did binge drink did it about once a week and consumed seven beverages per occasion. Predictably, the study also found that men are far more likely to binge drink than women.

While many people found binge drinking a bragging-worthy event during college, there are actually a lot of consequences for those who do it regularly. In the short term, binge drinkers are much more likely than non-binge drinkers to drive drunk, get an accidental injury and engage in violent behavior. In the longer term, binge drinkers are more likely to get cancer, heart disease, and (of course) liver disease. All told, consistent binge drinking is simply bad for your health.

So, this study and science tell us that binge drinking is bad for your health. We all know that from time to time mistakes will be made. When that happens, don’t lose an extra day to a hangover! Remember to hydrate and keep a packet of Intelligent Drinking’s LAUNCH nearby. Trust us, it’s worth it. Visit to learn more.



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