Pouring Wine into Glass

Budget supermarket Lidl is hoping to make “Prosecco Spumante” the must have product of the season by claiming that it is the first truly hangover-free alcohol–but is it? The media certainly seems to think so, with splashy headlines touting a new hangover-free drink in a many different outlets. Unfortunately, the reality is not what many drinkers are hoping for.

In short, no prosecco spumante is not a hangover-free alcohol, though it is less likely to give you a hangover when compared to most other drinks. Prosecco spumante claims that the low levels of sulphite in their drink is what makes it hangover proof. However, sulphites are not solely responsible for hangover systems. Hangovers are caused through a combination of dehydration and alcohol byproducts. Yes, sulphite is an alcohol byproduct and some people do react to high-levels of sulphites with headaches, but sulphite is just one of many alcohol byproducts that your body is dealing with when you are displaying hangover symptoms.

Wine expert Victoria Moore articulated this well when speaking with the Telegraph, saying: “Hangovers are caused by alcohol. There are more sulphites (measured in parts per million, ppm) in dried fruits, french fries, processed meats and frozen juices than in the average bottle of commercially produced wine. Anyone who has a hangover after eating a bag of dried apricots, please report to me.”.

It is important to note that a small percentage of the population does have a sulphite intolerance, which causes them to experience crippling headaches whenever they imbibe it. However, there have been organic wine brands out there that make sulphite-free wine for many years. That makes prosecco spumante’s nothing that new. It’s another great option for those with a sulphite intolerance, but it’s by no means the first of its kind and it won’t make your morning any easier if you don’t suffer from a sulphite intolerance yourself.

So sadly, no drinking a bottle of prosecco spumante will not lead to a hangover-free morning. If you are looking to curtail your hangover symptoms the single most important thing you can do is stay hydrated! Drink water before you go out, while you’re out and before you go to bed. You can also utilize a hangover-cure product like Intelligent Drinking’s LAUNCH to help your body process those alcohol byproducts more quickly. Visit www.intelligentdrinking.com for more information.


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