So I just take LAUNCH and that’s it? Poof, no hangover?

Yes and no. The process of helping to prevent a hangover is just that easy, but LAUNCH can only do so much. There is a limit to the amount of preparation your body can utilize. Our products have the potential to mitigate a high, but finite level of hangover symptoms. In short, if you drink until you blackout you are still going to have to live with yourself tomorrow.

Additionally, you still need to drink water. Nothing can prevent a hangover if you’re dehydrated. Seriously, drink more water.


Will your products make me less drunk?

No! While our products can help your body breakdown the toxic byproducts of alcohol more effectively, we can not alter your body’s rate at which it processes alcohol from the bloodstream. Meaning that over the course of the night your body can process more alcohol related toxins out of your blood, but inebriation levels during the night are unaffected.


When do I take LAUNCH?

LAUNCH can be be taken every day, not just on days that you are drinking. We created LAUNCH to continuously fortify our bodies.

For best results in preventing hangover symptoms, consume one packet of LAUNCH immediately before drinking. LAUNCH may be consumed while you’re drinking or even after a night out, but for best results start your night with LAUNCH. If your schedule includes drinking all day, take one LAUNCH before your first drink and another before you go out for the night.


Whoopsie, what if I forgot to take LAUNCH before drinking?

For best results start your night with LAUNCH. But if you forgot to start the night with LAUNCH, it’s not too late! LAUNCH’s formula is designed to help your body long after you’ve gone to sleep. Taking LAUNCH at any point in the night will be helpful. Your body will still thank you tomorrow. LAUNCH contains caffeine, so if you’re sensitive to caffeine it may be best to avoid LAUNCH right before bed.


How does your money back guarantee work?

If, for whatever reason, you don’t love any of our products simply contact us or send an email to telling us why you’re not satisfied and we’ll get you squared away!


What if I’m going to be drinking all day?

If your schedule includes drinking for more than 4 hours (we’re looking at you tailgaters and river goers) take one LAUNCH before your first drink of the day and another after 4 hours of drinking. Don’t take more than two LAUNCH packets in one day. Don’t forget that the worst hangover symptoms are caused by dehydration, so be sure to substitute every few drinks with a big glass of water.

Still have questions? Shoot us a message.