Many of us remember college as the time when you really couldn’t get a hangover even when you tried. Unfortunately, that time is short lived. Most people feel that their hangovers get significantly worse as they age, but is that really true? Let’s take a closer look at the connection between hangovers and ageing.

So, do hangovers actually get worse as you get older? In short yes, but it depends on the person. Biologically, people tend to lose muscle as they get older. That muscle is then replaced by fat, which is a big problem if you’re a drinker. Many people don’t realize that the same drink will affect someone with fat much more than someone with a leaner body mass. That means that the more fat you have on your body, the more alcohol can affect your system, which leads to more severe hangover symptoms.

Another reason hangovers get worse as you age has more to do with your behaviour than your biology. The real culprit behind hangovers getting worse as you get older may simply be your drinking habits. Odds are, you don’t drink the same way at 45 as you did at 22. That means that your tolerance for alcohol is substantially lower than it used to be. Alcohol tolerance is really just the amount of time your body needs to process alcohol. If it’s taking your body substantially more time to process your drinks, you are more likely to deal with severe hangover symptoms for longer.

The best way to avoid this spike in hangover severity as you age is to drink more slowly, allowing your body time to compensate for the change in body compensation, and, of course, to drink more water! The primary driver behind hangover symptoms is dehydration, so the more water you consume the less severe your hangover will be.

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