As it turns out, tequila might actually make you happy, and whiskey might actually make you sad. Most people have anecdotally experienced certain types of alcohol making them feel certain ways, but now there is evidence to back that up. A new study by the British Medical Journal found that different types of alcohol inspire different emotions.

The study drew from about 30,000 individuals who completed the Global Drug Survey anonymously in 2015. Some of the findings were predictable, but some were a bit surprising.

According to the study, 53% of respondents noted that red wine tended to make them feel more relaxed, and 60% reported that red wine also made them feel sleepy. Comparatively, white wine only had about 33% of respondents feeling relaxed.

Hard liquors seem to knock all other types of alcohol out of the park when it comes to eliciting emotional responses. Just over 58% of respondents reported that they felt energized after consuming liquor, 59% reported feeling confident, and 42% reported that they felt sexier. Predictably, beer was the least likely to elicit a sexy feeling with only 19% reporting that effect–bloating is real, people.

Study co-author, and head of research and development at Public Health Wales, Alisha Davies, spoke about why they conducted the study saying, “There is plenty of promotional material—through advertising, for instance—to promote the positive emotions people might look for from drinking. But we thought it was also important to better understand the negative ones as well. If we are to help people make informed decisions about their drinking, they need to know the full picture of how alcohol affects moods and emotions.”.

So what does this all mean? In short, we don’t really know. This study was based on anonymous survey results, which means the results are real, but we don’t know what they are occurring. Hopefully this new evidence that many people are experiencing the same emotional effects will lead to more concrete scientific research in the future.



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