The wait is finally over for adult coca-cola fans. That’s right, after over a hundred years the soft-drink behemoth is finally producing an alcoholic drink. Unfortunately, the lemon-flavored fizzy drink will only be available on the Japanese island of Kyushu.

The drink is called Lemon-Do and comes in three different varieties offering 3%, 5% and 7% alcoholic content. The lemony drink is in fact carbonated and is, reportedly, very refreshing. It’s likely that Coca-Cola is testing this drink to see how it competes with the popular local drink, Chu-Hi. Chu-Hi is a combination of grain-based alcohol and flavoured carbonated water.  

Unfortunately, it does not look as though Coca Cola has any intention of launching alcoholic drinks worldwide. In fact, the company does not even have any plans to launch the product throughout all of Japan. Of course, this could change if the drink becomes popular enough.

It is possible that Coca-Cola is considering another larger foray into the alcoholic market in the future. However, it is worth noting that the company did briefly dip its toes into the wine market in the 1970’s. Only time will tell what Coca-Cola plans on doing, but if you happen to find yourself in Kyushu, Japan you should grab a can of Lemon-Do and let us know what you think!


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