Let’s face it, most of us can not drink like we did in college. The older you get, the more difficult it is to bounce back from a long night of drinking. While you may have suffered minor hangovers before, it only takes a few serious ones before you start reevaluating your entire drinking philosophy. That’s why there is one question we have begun to hear more and more: can a hangover last more than a day?

Unfortunately, yes. Hangovers can absolutely last several days if you are not careful. Trust us when we tell you that this is not something you want to experience. So, in the interest of avoiding the horrifying multi-day hangover. We are going to talk about the five most common factors that can cause a hangover to last more than one day.

You Forgot How Old You Are
In college you may have been able to down a dozen drinks and still wake up at 7 AM the next day without a problem. As an adult, your tolerance is going to change. You just have to accept that. As you age, your body actually becomes less adept at detoxifying alcohol. Forgetting this can lead to a situation where your body needs a day or so to actually process all the toxins you put into it. Remember your age, and remember to adjust your alcohol intake accordingly. It’s not worth spending two days in bed trying to relive the glory days.

You Didn’t Hydrate Enough
The number one culprit behind those classic hangover symptoms is dehydration. Remember, alcohol is actually a diuretic, which means that it causes you to urinate more, which in turn causes you to become dehydrated more easily. If you drank enough to induce vomiting, that will also dehydrate you even more.

Dehydration is what is going to cause that classic hangover headache, dry mouth, nausea and more. By drinking water throughout the night, and the next morning you will be putting yourself in the best position to mitigate those hangover symptoms.

Remember, LAUNCH is a hangover relief supplement by Intelligent Drinking that is mixed with a full glass of water. This is done to help keep you hydrated after a night of drinking. LAUNCH is one of the most effective ways to reclaim your mornings after a long night out.

You Didn’t Sleep
While drinking can help you fall asleep quickly, you are not going to get the kind of restorative sleep that you do when you are sober. The only way around this is to monitor your alcohol intake, and drink a lot of water before bed. Ideally, by the time you go to sleep your body has already processed most of the alcohol in your system.

If you do go to bed drunk, be sure to stay sober the next day or that lack of sleep will begin to compound quickly. This can easily lead to a brutal cycle of drinking to fall asleep, but waking up still feeling very tired. Remember, exhaustion symptoms are very similar to those of a bad hangover.

Your Gut Is Off
Recent research has shown us that the microbiome in your gut is far more important than people previously thought. As it turns out, the majority of your immune system is derived from your gut. When you drink, you throw off the balance of bacteria in there, killing the good bacteria and raising the levels of the bad bacteria. This can lead to a whole host of issues, including multi-day hangovers.

You can combat this by drinking responsibly, and incorporating foods that are high in probiotics into your diet. Probiotics actually replenish the healthy bacteria in your gut, which is why foods like kimchi and kombucha are so good for you!

You Have A Sensitivity
If you drank something different than you normally do, or perhaps have not had an alcoholic drink in awhile, you could have a sensitivity you didn’t know about! Remember to keep track of what you consume, and test it in small doses later on. If it seems like you are having a severe reaction, it could be worth making the time to see a doctor.

Hangovers are brutal no matter what, but a multi-day hangover is hell on earth. Avoid them by keeping these five factors in mind whenever you go out drinking. We also recommend keeping a packet or two of Intelligent Drinking’s LAUNCH handy. It has everything your body is craving after a hard night of drinking and is a surefire way to reclaim your morning. Visit www.intelligentdrinking.com to learn more.

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