Intelligent Drinking Is A Family Company


Intelligent Drinking was born during a hot summer day in the Texas Hill Country on the shore of the Guadalupe River. Melissa (aka “Doc”) and her two sons Zac and Davis had every reason to pack up and head home. Everyone had plenty to do tomorrow. However, no one wanted to leave the beer, wine and cold water. While procrastinating their departure the three tossed around ideas of how to live a healthier—but more importantly—a happier life. That moment sparked the idea to help other people find a way to enjoy today without sacrificing tomorrow. And just like that Intelligent Drinking was born.

“We created Intelligent Drinking because we believe that everyone should celebrate today and celebrate tomorrow”.

Meet the family that wants to make your life better

Dr Miskell of Intelligent Drinking

Dr. Melissa Miskell

Executive Medical Director

Dr. Miskell has dedicated her life to making the lives of others better. For 18 years she has managed her medical practice with the goal of helping men and women improve total body health. Today Dr. Miskell’s focus is on helping her patients live long, happy and healthy lives. Her interest in alcohol and its affect on the body is the latest in her quest to make the world a happier place. For Doc, helping to prevent hangovers is just one more way we are making the world more fun and healthy.

Intelligent Drinking COO Zac Neill

Zac Neill

Chief Operations Officer

Zac handles all things business. He ensures that every part of Intelligent Drinking lives and breaths our mission to end all hangovers. Zac learned the value of a healthy body while pursuing his MBA in Madrid. He claims that vitamins are best taken with cheap Spanish beer. Zac focuses on building the Intelligent Drinking brand and advocating a healthy alcohol-life balance.

Davis from the Intelligent Drinking Staff

Davis Miskell

Chief Administration Officer

Davis is our resident sports expert, he’s a foodie and he make a mean margarita. He fell in love with nutrition at Texas A&M and has puts his expertise to work managing our critical internal operations. Davis constantly reviews our methodologies and collaborates with our suppliers to ensure that every Intelligent Drinking product is comprised of the highest quality ingredients .