People have been searching for hangover cures for almost as long alcohol has existed. The list of folk remedies is so extensive it’s hard to believe that anyone knows all of them. Thankfully, scientific advancements have allowed us to better understand what exactly a hangover is, which enables us to fight a hangover more effectively. So far, no one has been able to completely eliminate the possibility of a hangover unless you don’t drink alcohol at all. That all may be about to change.

A UCLA professor recently announced that they have discovered “an antidote that could help people enjoy wine or cocktails or beer without a hangover.”. Before you break out the bottles, we feel obligated to mention that this cure has only been used on mice so far; but it worked for the mice!

UCLA professor of chemical and biomedical engineering Yunfeng Lu and fellow professor Cheng Ji, an expert in liver diseases from Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California found that their revolutionary treatment actually decreased the level of alcohol in a mouse’s blood by 45% in just four hours.

Not only did their treatment lower the blood-alcohol level of the mice, but it also kept the concentration of acetaldehyde extremely low in the mice throughout the process. Acetaldehyde is the carcinogenic compound that is responsible for causing headaches and vomiting during aggressive bouts of drinking.

Perhaps the most exciting part of this discovery is that the treatment can be administered via a simple pill. The pill contains three different types of enzymes that literally transform the alcohol in your system into harmless molecules that the body excretes naturally.

For now, Lu is continuing to conduct tests on mice and hopes to begin human trials as early as next year. Of course, the process for a drug becoming available to the general public is a long one, and there are many hurdles left for Lu and his team to cross. This research is exciting and successful so far. It is certainly something worth keeping an eye on.

While there is no hangover-prevention drug available now, there is still plenty you can do to mitigate a hangovers symptoms. We suggest staying hydrated and keeping a few packets of Intelligent Drinking’s LAUNCH handy. Visit to learn more.



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