The distilling field seems to be more crowded now than it has ever been before. While having options is always a good thing for consumers, there are so many different distilleries out there that it’s become difficult for a new brand to break through the noise. As a result, a lot of newer brands are looking for any marketing schtick to help them stand out. One of the new strategies we’re seeing is a company claiming that their product won’t give you a hangover, but is that even possible? Let’s take a closer look at one of these purported hangover-free products: V.E.S. Gin.

Darryl Tombleson, founder of V.E.S. Spirits spoke with The Manual about this new gin, explaining that V.E.S. gin is an organic gin that is crafted in the Hunter Valley in Australia using a thousand-year-old recipe.  A sugar cane base that is grown in nutrient-dense soil acts as the crux of the recipe. V.E.S. then enriches the gin with B and C vitamins. According to Tombleson it’s these vitamins that play a crucial rule in combating the dehydration that comes along with drinking. This, combined with a unique filtration process for their water (and the fact that the spirit is distilled six times), he says, create a beverage that will not give you a hangover.

Hangover claims aside, it is a very tasty gin. V.E.S. flavors their gin with  organic finger limes, pepper berry, coriander, and cranberry. This crisp and clean flavour is why V.E.S. suggests that their gin is best served cold over ice.

So, will it give you a hangover? According to Tombleson, they surveyed 1,000 drinkers who tested the gin, and overall the results were mostly positive. There were even some people who reported no ill effects after seven or eight shots. However, this is still alcohol, which means yes, if you consume enough, you will have a hangover. Marketing this as a hangover free product simply is not true. It does seem to be true that you are less likely to get a hangover with this gin, than if you consumed another, but it is not a hangover free alcohol. Until someone discovers something we don’t know about, that just is not possible.

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